WCED is pushing the concept of E-Learning via their Game Changer initiative, with this comes “Free Internet Access” that we really do appreciate, but with lots of caveats. Access is censored via proxies, and this disables a myriad of

All Internet access goes through a pipe, that is controlled by SITA (South African State Information Technology Agency). And what they believe is not conducive for schools Internet Access they block, an example of this censorship is the Google Drive App, which is actually so ironic as this goes contrary to what WCED is trying to do with its Game Changer, Google Apps being part of this, but blocking this important app. Try to get a person to help with this here in the Western Cape, you will be going from pillar to post.

For more affluent schools, the SITA censorship is not an issue, as they can get their own fast fibre connections at will, schools on the wrong side of Voortrekker Road is at the mercy of WCED and is therefor using a highly censored Internet.

Example of sites that are blocked or heavily curtailed via this proxy: Yahoo.com, any site that SITA considers problematic is blocked, all VPN’s are blocked, TeamViewer will not work, Streaming sites are dead.

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